Welcome to Infants

Our amazing infant room teachers are experienced and well trained in early childhood development. Teachers are considerate to each infant's own schedule and needs. The infant room will make every effort to accommodate the needs of every baby we serve. Our teachers actively communicate with families using email, daily activity sheets, and beginning and end of the conversations to ensure a smooth transition from home to My Place and back home again.

Our infant room encompasses everything a baby would expect to receive in a home like environment. The room beautifully lit with nature light from a wall of windows. All meals are served in the classroom. Older infants eat family style at the table with their teachers. We support breast and bottle feeding mothers alike. Parents are welcome to come in and nurse or feed their babies at any time as their schedules allow. There is appropriate storage available for breast milk. Each infant has their own crib for sleeping. My Place provides a crib sheet that teachers change and wash daily. Additional bedding and comfort objects may be provided by the parent.

Our infant room teachers make every effort to provide opportunities for babies to explore their environment. Baby’s curiosity will be stimulated as they are introduced to new textures and materials using toys, rattles, shapes, books, teethers, and small motor activities. Teachers focus on language development using books, singing songs, playing games (PEEK-A-BOO), talking, and echoing baby’s babble. Our teachers introduce sign language with ours babies to foster and grow communication. Large motor integration includes play mats for tummy time and age appropriate equipment for sitting and tumbling. All babies enjoy a weather permitting carriage ride with their teachers to explore their outdoor environments around them.

Cleaning and safety of the infant room is of top priority. All equipment is in good working condition. It is washed and sanitized at the end of the day and as needed throughout the day.

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